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Yoga and Me:
I began practicing yoga in 1998. I was in pretty bad shape at the time - I had recurring back problems and was my usual +/-20 lbs over my optimal weight. When I started going to yoga classes, I couldn't touch my toes. My belly got in the way during twists and made it hard to breathe during deep folds. When my teachers told me to do things like, "ride my breath," it just annoyed me. I didn't quit because despite my physical challenges, yoga had an incredibly calming effect on my hyperactive brain, and after just a few weeks I could rest my palms on the floor. Sixteen years later, my belly still gets in the way but now I get what they were talking about when they told me to ride my breath. I finally took the plunge and completed my 200 hour registered yoga alliance teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank in 2012.

Why I Teach Yoga:
Yoga is too awesome to be left to the skinny pretzels of this world. As a dedicated, naturally ungifted yogi, I'm all about teaching yoga to people who 'don't do yoga', people who are 'not strong enough or flexible enough for yoga', people who know they should do yoga but are intimidated by it because of inexperience, body shape, fitness level or health concerns. So, if you'd like to learn some yoga in a small, comfortable setting with me, I'd love to be your teacher.

Where I Teach:
When I am in Portland, I teach in a pretty, private studio in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, located at 9815 N. Syracuse Street.

I also teach at workshops, special events and by arrangement for groups and individuals around the world.

You are invited to Like my page on Facebook to keep up with the latest classes offered, locations and schedule.

Come practice yoga with me! Write to me at to confirm class times and locations this week and with all of your yoga teacher needs! Namaste.