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Tom with our GodsonLoveWhite House visit

What I Love About Tom, By Staci

Tom was born in San Francisco, California. Growing up his family moved to Buffalo, New York and Chicago prior to returning to California when Tom was in high school. Growing up, Tom loved to play sports and also played the cello for the Chicago Youth Symphony. His experience of moving from coast to coast helped him to gain a sense of adventure and confidence. He graduated college with an engineering degree, and has grown his career in the software industry. He loves his job and is good about work, life balance. When he is not working, he enjoys many sports, like mountain biking or kite surfing, as well as cycling and boating.

I know every time I see Tom around children I am assured that he is going to be the most loving and nurturing father a child could ever ask for. When I watch him break dance with his nephews at a family gathering, or teach a friend’s child how to steer the boat, or take our nieces on a tour of the Washington D.C. monuments, I am always amazed by him. Tom is patient, playful, genuine and wise, and was simply meant to be a father.

Tom's Annual Bike Trip