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Our Thoughts on Parenting

We are so excited to be on this journey with you, and trust that our paths have crossed for great reason. We are anxious to meet you and we wish you love and support with this brave decision you are making. We both feel that as parents it will be our priority and obligation to provide a child with unconditional love. From education to life adventures, we are here to support and encourage a son or daughter fully. As parents, we will provide a nurturing and secure home.

We share many of the same viewpoints of raising a child and believe in supporting the needs of a child as they develop and grow towards independence. We believe it is important to set boundaries as well as having a strong foundation to support and guide a child. We feel it is most important that a child’s sense of identity is celebrated, and our encouragement will strengthen his or her confidence to explore and pursue their interests and passions. We feel there is no perfect formula to parenting, and certain that the greatest growth comes from lessons learned from our successes and challenges.

With Gratitude,
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