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Our Life Together

We met over 20 years ago, at a time when we were very focused on our careers and not quite ready for a serious relationship. Over the years our relationship deepened and blossomed until we married 3 years ago. Through our journey and challenges to start a family, our desire and commitment to become parents has grown even stronger, and we feel even more ready and excited to become parents through open adoption.

We live in a great little town a few miles north of San Francisco. Our house faces the city across the bay, and directly in front of us is Angel Island. The most beautiful part is watching the boats from our living room, as well as waking up to a new sunrise every day. We love that our town has a small local community lifestyle, with some of the best schools and children’s program’s. There are so many little parks and beaches that we envision a child enjoying, and a great children’s museum that we often take our friends’ kids to visit.

We both enjoy traveling the world, and love to see places beyond our lives. Our most favorite place to visit is Australia. We have traveled there a lot over the last couple of years and have made many wonderful friends, which makes it feel like home when we are there. We are eager to share and grow our love for exploring new places with a child. We also like to spend time at home with family and friends, or having adventures and fun on our boat right nearby in the San Francisco Bay.

peacesausalito home
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