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I am a writer, adventurer, online communications specialist, life coach, yoga teacher, professional viking, and artist.

On writing: I was born into a silver tongued family. Attention and praise at the dinner table went to the one with the best story. And so, I began developing my ability to have adventures and retell them with style at an early age. I started writing it all down in elementary school and never stopped. I started winning awards for my stories in high school and got my first poem published in a 'real' book at 25. My work appears in anthologies, magazines and online. I publish a little magazine about whales about once a year. I'm working on my first book now. It is about my go go dancer days in Greece.

Here is my writing portfolio and here is my writing résumé. [as a pdf] [as a .doc]

On web work and communications: I wasted most of junior high typing long programs into our Apple II in order to make a crude, pixelated centipede squiggle across the screen. I love to think fast and make things happen for people - two traits that are extremely compatible with the world of online communications. My web and communications background is broad and deep. I am well versed in all aspects of the communications industry including, but not limited to: public relations, media relations, corporate identity development, brand development, collateral material design and development, graphic design, programming, strategic research, new media, social media coaching, and search engine optimization. Visit my web work page to find out more about the services I offer and to see some of the clients I have worked with.

Here is my corporate communications résumé. [as a pdf] [as a .doc]

On travel and adventure: I am a restless, hungry soul with a terrible case of wanderlust. Being this way has gotten me into all sorts of interesting pickles.

Here is my travel and adventure résumé.

And yes, I am also a professional viking, at your service for all of your viking needs. I don't have a viking résumé because vikings don't write résumés

See pictures and videos of me as my viking persona, Frida Romabout here.