Nesting Project Findings.

Diane did yoga
Julia got naked and chilled
Johnny got drunk
Brian ate
Sharron and David played make believe
Pamela snuggled with her man
Eric and Andrea fought and made up
B read
so did Julie
Becky and Spencer played
Veronica planned; Ralf entertained the dog
Bup breastfed; Tristan took pictures.
Chris listened to music; Jen read and giggled.
Laura and Olivier checked out Luc
Denise and Shane checked out Kila
Debra, Joe and the kids hung out.
Their dog ate the nest.
Jennifer and her kids had a snack and wrestled
Mara got cozy
So did Alisa and Olimpia
Staci and Kevin almost had sex
Tory hung with Scooter
Talia hung with her dog too
Sarah flew a kite
Linda changed clothes and rode away
David dropped by, made a phone call and took off
Barbara painted, Charlie cooked
Dia read and drew and slept
Dieuwe and Erin planned a dinner party
Two babies cried
Two little girls sat there looking around
Three kids jumped up and down
A chaotic family climbed in and shifted all around
Jennifer read
until her mom came. Then they ate Entenmann’s under the blankets
until her mom’s husband came and they read their books
Jennifer left. They rested.
Ryan played the drums; Panner putzed

[Nobody shot up or masturbated]

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