I can't believe it, but we're finally here. It is Sunday the 17th, and we arrived yesterday, but I might not be able to send this out for a few days. It needs a phone, and the closest one is 20 minutes away. That's all fine with me, cause I am just glad to be here. The stress of the last few days before we left was pretty amazing, but we got everything done, and here we are. Tim is two weeks behind me, and I will be so glad when he is here. We didn't even leave Mendo until 10:00 on friday night. It was not a pretty scene, those last few hours! Right now I am sitting in a lounge chair, and the kids are swimming in the pool ten feet below me. The ocean waves are crashing, and we are enjoying the warm breeze coming through the coconut trees. It sounds like home to you, Julie, I am sure, but to us it is heavenly. I cant believe this is home to us now too!

Bryce was even amazed at how warm the ocean is. I guess you guys will have to come down for the winter surf session. Bryce says he is going to be sending the surf report your way, to entice you here. It will be fun to spend this year with John and Speedy and Patricio. I like her a lot, and the baby is cute, but he takes, and is, tons of energy. I am glad I don't have a little one anymore, and I never thought I would say that!

We just got back from the little town, where we had a lunch. I had 3 shrimp tostadas, Bryce had fish, m and K had guacamole and chips, we all had large lemonade slushies, then the kids had fried bananas and then this thing that was a flour tortilla filled with rice and sweetened condensed milk, then they deep fry it and sprinkle sugar on it, and serve it piping hot. Super yummy. You better come for the food! Oh yeah, and that whole meal was not even twenty dollars! Plus you get to hang around in hammocks while you wait. They have hammocks at every table. These people have it figured out!

Anyway, I am stoked to be here finally, and excited about the year ahead.

I will be looking forward to your news.

All the Best, Khamoor

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