Salsa and Sunshine

Try this; put two avocados, two cloves of garlic, and one serrano chili in the blender. Squeeze the juice of a lime in, and about 1 quarter cup of water. Blend till it is runny, about the likeness of asparagus cream soup. Add salt. Now make some fresh tortillas (hmmmm) and some shredded pork, or chicken. Put the salsa, meat, and more lime on the tortillas that you have just made. Gobble it up. Yummy isnt it? We have found the perfect taco, and it is everywhere!

Picture this; Looking down our street I can watch all the activity of the morning. I see the tamale lady carrying the bucket on her head. I see a man waving a machete singing a song. I can see los hermanos burrachos (the 3 drunk brothers) as they sit in front of their house and make and mend fishing nets. I see the preschoolers are going on a field trip...maybe to watch the pig take a mudbath, as we had a rain last night.

Looking the other way, I see Tim and a few local men working on the children's library building. They have put a new roof on it, and now are preparing it for plaster. It has been a three scorpion morning over there. I see puppies, and a naked run away baby. Women raking the street, and now the ice truck comes. Oh, now I spot my visiting brother approaching. He is just in from a fishing trip with our friends Augustin and Miguel. Tim, too has been doing lots of sea fishing. The great part of the fishing trips is that they end with a big fish feed at Augustins house. His wife, Senora Susanna has taught us how to make tortillas, and how to cook on a wood fired chimnea, and how to turn a boatload of fish into a feast for everybody, with a smile the whole time, and a zillion kids under foot.

Bryce said the other day that he doesnt think much about home, or that we are on a long trip. He just feels like this is where we live now, and it is true. This is our life for now.

Sometimes we miss little things from home. Often we miss people from home, but mostly we want to share this experience with the ones we love. We get sad thinking that when we leave here, it will be the end of this part of our lives. Mendocino will continue.

Melia has the best grasp of the language. She hears a word or phrase one time, and gets it, remembers it, and uses it. She loves the people, and the school, and the food...but she is afraid of the ocean. She avoids it entirely, like all the local kids.

Kiera loves the ocean, and can catch small waves on the big board. She has lost every pair of shoes she had, and sees no reason to replace them.

Bryce has two soccer teams, and loves surfing. He has friends to pal around with, and success of all successes - He is READING for pleasure!

I am happiest here in our village. I like to take a long beachwalk and think of my friends walking in the Mendocino air at the same time. I am amazed at the conveniences we have here. Produce, fish, bread, tortillas, tamales, beer, whatever- all delivered to the door. Hardly any time wasted in the car. I like this lifestyle. Plenty of time for reading, and cards, and swimming, and sunning. I learn some spanish, and teach some english every day. There are kids all over this pueblo, and you all know how I like that. I am trying to figure out how to get my hands on this little neighbor baby, that is about one month old.

Today I am thinking ahead to April, May and June when the mango trees will be loaded with fruit. I want to walk under the trees, and let mango pulp squish betwee my toes! I do think mango, avacado and fresh fish are the best things in the world. Did you know that there are almost no fat people in Mexico? Its true.

I will go now and wash another load of laundry. This is the most time consuming chore of all. I pump the water, scrub the clothes, rinse, wring, and hang the clothes. Somehow, our clothes never really come clean, and I dont get it because our many neighbors, who have dirt floors, and much more rugged living scene than we do, are always outfitted in sparkling whites. Must require years of practice...and tons of bleach! We are living the authentic lifestyle...but oh man, do I appreciate our washer and dryer at home. I hope each of you go give a little moment of thanks for your high tech laundry devices next time you encounter them. I know I will worship ours when I am home!

Love to all, and do pass our notes along to other mutual friends.
Khamoor and all

At a quincanera, where Melia and Kiera got to be the "princesses of confetti," with their fancy hairdos.

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