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Whoosh! The Zine for Whale Lovers
The Very Hungry Caterina

Huzzah! A New Zine Series Is Out! Introducing: The Very Hungry Caterina

Hungry Caterina Cover

If you like the kid's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or you just like to eat, you will LOVE The Very Hungry Caterina. Follow the very hungry Caterina in Florence as she eats through gnocchi with calamari, zabaglioni tiramisu and other Italian confections and is STILL HUNGRY.

Available at ye olde Etsy shop and buy it from there using your credit card, paypal account, and so on.

Hopefully I'll make more Hungry Caterinas. I want to do issues about:

The Very Hungry Caterina Goes to Argentina, The Very Hungry Caterina Falls in Love, The Very Hungry Caterina Visits Her Family and so on.

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