Fortunate Cookies are beautiful to look at and they taste incredible. But the most treasured aspect of Fortunate Cookies is the personal message they deliver. Every cookie has a meaningful note nestled inside.  Unlike generic, bland fortune cookies, Fortunate Cookies are custom created for you and with you!  We've been asked, "Don't you have a standard quote for Baby Showers? For Weddings? Corporate Gifts?"  The answer is: "No, we don't!"  Well, we do, but we encourage you to take this opportunity to express yourself!  This is your special event, your unique gift, YOU get to choose the message, sentiment, well wish, poetry or quote to be sure your thoughts are expressed. With your creativity, Fortunate Cookies become a truly inspirational gift. We will type your Quotes/Notes on white paper.  The number of quotes you may select depends on the Fortunate Cookie package you choose.

Individual Cellophane Wrapped Cookies: Select Up To Four Quotes Per Order
Individual Cookies in Take Out Boxes: Select Up To Four Quotes Per Order
Gift Tin: Select Up To To Seven Quotes Per Order