We have had more fun with these wraps because of the incredible impact they have on our customers!  Each exquisite Italian Fabric Wrap is like a piece of artwork in itself. Available in 36 rich colors and luxurious patterns, each wrap measures 24 inches around and is wire rimmed to maintain its graceful shape.  Your selection of individual large Fortunate Cookies are cellophane wrapped, ribbon tied, then folded in to Paper Daisies or Take Out Boxes. 

We blanket each delicate parcel with your choice of Italian fabric; tie it up with just the right ribbon and ... Voila! You have a SPECTACULAR, EXCITING and FRESH gift that can be used in as many creative ways as there are colors to choose from!  These Fortunate Cookies fashion elegant place settings at your distinctive luncheon or dinner affairs. They are astonishing favors for weddings, showers and special events. They are thoughtful, personal holiday gifts for neighbors, friends and co-workers, as well as innovative corporate closing gifts and business reminders. The possibilities are endless and the impact you will make is magnificent!

Italian Fabric Wrapped Fortunate Cookies

$7.00 EACH*


Addition of Ornament and/or 2nd Ribbon

7.50 EACH*

*Minimum Order: 10 Fabric Wrapped Cookies*

Italian Fabric Wraps are available in the following colors and patterns:


Duemila Red

Gold Stars on Red Gold Squares on Red
Zen Red Scarlet
Duemila Green
Gold Stars on Green White Grapes
Dots on Lime Solid Olive Green Pistachio
Silver Gregory
Dotted White Silver Squares on White
Gold Stars on Blue
Duemila Blue Silver Stars on Blue
Solid Blue Morning Glory Blue Plaid Blue/Gray
Gold Hearts Gold Stars on White
Gold Stars on Black
Solid Purple Solid Periwinkle Solid Lavender
Lily of the Valley
Daisies on Periwinkle
Pistachio Stripe
Blue Small Dots
Blue Large Dots
Yellow Large Dots
Duemila Cream
Gold Ghrigori
Wheat Gold