Fortunate Cookies are handmade the old fashioned way.  That means no machines or factories… just an enthusiastic, creative chef in the kitchen with a passion for quality and excellence.

We use only the finest ingredients available; Farm Fresh Eggs, Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, Organic Hazelnuts and Extracts, the best Creamery Butter and Spices.  Each cookie is individually shaped the likeness of a flower and then hand dipped in rich, dark Guittard chocolate.  In addition to being sinfully delicious, Fortunate Cookies are especially unique and distinctive because nestled inside every cookie is a personal message from you!

Fortunate Cookies are available in four flavors and two sizes:



Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Large - measures approximately 3"H x 3"W x 3 inches deep
Small - measures approximately: 2"H x 3"W x 2 inches deep

Here is your sumptuous opportunity to present an innovative gift that not only looks beautiful and tastes great, but specifically reflects your event theme, holiday and sentiment by conveying a meaningful, intelligent, positive message as well.  Fortunate Cookies are amazing, affordable, intimate… a truly personal gift.