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We first met over 15 years ago in San Francisco when Bob’s “butter churner” dance moves drove Michelle to love or pity, depending on who tells the story. Following an extended courtship (and some dance lessons), we were married in the summer of 2000. We own a comfortable home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the vibrant, child-friendly town of Pacifica, just 10 miles south of San Francisco. Living only a few steps from the beach provides us ample opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities, including hiking, biking and windsurfing.

After several years of fertility challenges, we were blessed with the birth of our son, Brody, in 2006. Parenting him brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined and we hope to share our love with another child through open adoption. As Michelle’s younger brother and sister are both adopted, we have experienced first-hand the wonderful gift that adoption brings a family.

We both grew up in very close, loving families who join in our excitement at the prospect of adopting a child. Both sets of grandparents as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins live within a 2-hour drive, allowing for many get-togethers. A child who joins our family will have the warm embrace of a large extended family.

We are fortunate to both work from our home and provide active parent involvement. A typical day in our home office is balanced by pillow fights, peanut butter sandwiches and bear hugs. We see the positive effects in our son’s life as we have the opportunity to guide and nurture, knowing one of us is always there to provide support and attention.