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Ellen grew up outside of Pittsburgh, and much of her extended family still lives in Pennsylvania. When she was 15, Ellen’s family moved to Charlotte, and she attended high school and college in North Carolina. Ellen’s parents recently moved to St. Louis to be near her sister, who lives there with her husband and 3 children (ages 11, 9 and 4).  Ellen also has a brother who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While we are spread out geographically, we remain a close-knit and loving family. We visit each other as often as we can, and we always get the whole gang together to celebrate the holidays. Ellen loves children and is the favorite aunt to her nieces, nephews and three year old goddaughter, Anna.

Ellen developed an appreciation for music from the time she was young. She has wonderful memories of the entire family gathering around the piano with their instruments to make music together. She played the saxophone in the high school band, and currently relaxes at home by playing the piano. Ellen and Natalie have been attending music class for Moms and babies every week, and Natalie has been having fun finding her own rhythm! Other activities that Ellen enjoys include reading, cooking, walking, watching college basketball and traveling.

Ellen has a degree in economics and an MBA. She believes that education is very important and provided the basis for many of the blessings she enjoys today. Ellen has enjoyed her career, and she is currently working a few days a week for our family's winery. Her schedule is very flexible, and she is able to work from our home office, leaving plenty of time for activities with Natalie.

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