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Craig is from Southern California, which explains his love for the outdoors. Tennis is his favorite activity, and he tries to play a few times every week. Growing up, Craig was always outside playing tennis, baseball or water polo. His family sailed, camped and spent summers at the beach, where Craig learned to surf. Craig earned his Eagle Scout Award and was a star member of the debate team in high school. Craig’s family is very close, and we have many relatives in both Northern and Southern California. Craig’s parents, aunts and uncles, and his 98 year old grandmother all live in the Pasadena area. Craig has a brother with 2 children (ages 13 and 11) in Scottsdale, Arizona and a sister who lives near San Francisco.

Craig is one of those lucky people who has found something he is really passionate about and has turned that passion into a career. Craig has always been interested in wine and winemaking. After spending over 15 years in computer software sales, Craig decided to learn the wine business. He took some classes, worked part-time at a local winery, and currently manages our own small vineyard. He and a friend have started their own winery called Sojourn Cellars, and the business has grown to the point that he will never have to go back to selling software!

Craig is great with kids of all ages, probably because he is a big kid himself. He clearly enjoys his role as Dad, providing lots of horsey rides, taking Natalie to the park, swimming with her in the pool, and generally spending time with her goofing off. Several years ago, Craig bcame a mentor to a local college student who helps us with the vineyard. Craig worked directly with his high school teachers and counselors to ensure he graduated; he helped him enroll in college classes; and he continues to support his efforts to further his education. As our children grow up, it is clear that Craig has what it takes to love, support and nurture them to help them achieve their full potential.

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