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We met at our church in San Francisco 13 years ago and have been together ever since. We were married in 2001 in an outdoor ceremony in the California wine country, where we now have our home. We are warm and caring people, and our relationship has grown over the years based on mutual respect, deep love, and a genuine desire to build a life together. Natalie's adoption in 2006 brought new joy to our family, and we look forward to opening our arms to a second child.

We have a comfortable home with lots of room for children. Our four year old Labrador, Ziggy, is gentle and especially patient with Natalie. She loves to chase tennis balls and ride in the truck to visit vineyards with Craig. We enjoy making our home a cozy and inviting place for family and friends, and we have worked together on projects to fix it up. We spend time nurturing friendships and bringing people together—whether it’s for tennis matches or family vacations or a barbeque by the pool.

We love to travel, and we have visited a variety of places around the world. After we got married we spent several months traveling in France, and we enjoyed learning about the language, the food and the culture. We then went on Ellen’s dream trip—a 2 week camping safari in Africa, where we saw just about every animal you can imagine, from antelope to zebras! Last winter we took a trip to Hawaii with Ellen's parents, and every August we attend camp near Lake Tahoe with Craig's parents.

We were both raised to believe that we can do anything through hard work and the support of our families. We have cousins who live nearby, and we enjoy getting together as often as possible. We value our family ties and are thankful that we can offer an extended family that will welcome, accept and participate in raising our child. Out of 15 cousins on Ellen’s side, 7 are adopted. In addition, several years ago, one of Craig’s cousins adopted Ryan through open adoption.

We enjoy attending our church with Natalie and staying involved in our community. We look forward to the chance to create a loving and supportive environment for another child where he/she can explore and develop their natural talents and interests. We will provide our children with the best possible education and a strong foundation.

You are welcome to call us anytime, toll free at: 1-800-671-6330
or email us at: craigandellen@gmail.com