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We are so grateful that you have chosen to read our letter. It is our hope and prayer that we will find another special child to welcome into our family, and so we thank you for the love and courage it takes just to consider adoption.

Our names are Jenn & Aaron. We fell in love after meeting in college over ten years ago. We eloped just after New Year’s 1998 in a romantic little chapel in Niagara Falls and moved to California a year later. In 2002 we were fortunate enough to be blessed with our biological daughter, Alison. She has given us great joy and filled our days with much laughter. Becoming parents has been a wonderful unifying experience for us as a couple, and we desire to continue growing our family; however we are unable to have more biological children because Jenn is being treated for Lupus with medications that prevent pregnancy. So the three of us, together with our family and friends, are now very eager to tell you about ourselves in the hope that we may eventually welcome another member into our loving family!

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Contact us at jenn@alovinghome.org or 1-866-435-8010 (toll free)
or call our friendly adoption attorney Susan Romer at 1-800-U-ADOPT-US