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As a family, we value our time together and try to make the most of it by going on adventures. Whether it is Yosemite or just a local park, we always try to have fun! We often spend a few weeks out of the year flying to visit our families, who live in other parts of the country. Aaron’s family lives in Illinois and Michigan. Jenn’s family mostly lives in Ontario, Canada, but she also has siblings in Manitoba and Michigan. This year we are lucky enough to have Aaron’s family come out here for a reunion at Lake Tahoe! Although our biological family is not close by, we have no shortage of “family” here in California! We have a very close group of friends whom we met through a church Bible Study over five years ago, and Aly has grown up calling them Aunts and Uncles! We spend a lot of time with our friends from church, going on weekend trips, having dinner parties, birthday parties, and just having a lot of fun hanging out. Between the six couples, there are 10 kids under the age of five who would all love another playmate!next

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