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Aaron (30) is an insightful and creative husband & father, and it is always his desire to provide the best for our family. He grew up on a family farm in northern Illinois, the oldest of three siblings. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Calvin College in 1997 and then pursued two master’s degrees (in music and engineering) from Stanford University in 2002. He now works as an electrical engineer for a small company, which produces software for professional recording studios. They make the tools that are used to mix records for many of the biggest names in music. This has provided him with the unique opportunity to express both his educational skills and his love for music through his career. Aaron has always been musically inclined and has played the piano since he was 9 years old and he also plays the guitar. Both Aly and I love to hear him play for us. Aaron also has a passion for photography, especially for subjects he loves (like our daughter Aly). He is currently training for his first marathon and spends many early mornings running with friends. He is a wonderful father to Aly and is especially good at finding teachable moments, which is why he is excited to add another eager mind to the family. next

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