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Bruce comes from a big and loving Italian family who are devoted to each other and love to have fun. He grew up in the Bay Area playing all types of sports resulting in his playing football on a scholarship in college. His current passion is golf and he also loves to ski and play softball with friends.  He loves to discover new places in the city and is a big fan of a great meal!!  Needless to say, plenty of time in the Caron home is spent cooking or finding a new restaurant to relax and enjoy someone else’s cooking (and cleaning).

Bruce is a partner in the family road construction business and spends his days working with his Brother, Aunt and Uncle (among many others). He is fortunate to love his work. It is such a blessing to live close to Bruce’s family and have their constant support and influence in our lives.   There is always some kind of family dinner, birthday party or excursion going on and we can’t wait to introduce a little one into this amazing group of people (and all of the good food and fun)! 

Bruce’s contagious laugh is priceless and instantly makes anyone feel that it’s a great day!  I often find myself commenting that the world needs more people like Bruce because of his amazing outlook on life and the way that he treats all people.  Everywhere we go, people meet and love Bruce for his funny comments and respectful way.  Bruce is kind, honest and brings calm to any situation.  He can also be the life of any party.  Being married to Bruce is a blessing for me that is hard to describe but having a partnership with someone so loving and strong had always been my life’s dream. Watching him as a Father will be incredible.


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