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Alison grew up in the Midwest and in junior high school, moved to Colorado where she loved the mountains, frequent ski trips and
eventually, attending the University of Colorado.  Upon earning her degree, she moved to San Francisco and fell in love with the city and soon after, her husband. 

She is best friends with her Grandmother in Denver and often visits to take her around to their favorite spots.  For Alison, maintaining close friendships with special people from all chapters of her life is second nature and makes for fun visits and vacations to all parts of the country.

Alison's interests range from making a good meatloaf to designing jewelry and everything in between.  She looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom so she will have plenty of time to teach, play and explore with the little ones.  There is no better day than one that starts with a walk to the Golden Gate Bridge (a stroller will be a welcome addition) and ends with a quiet meal at home with Bruce.

I’ve been intrigued and infatuated with Alison since she sat on the bench next to me at the Rosewood Café.  Our first conversation was unforgettable for me.  Within minutes, I learned that this woman was powerful, funny, sensitive, courageous and her laughter, contagious.  Our courtship was just as amazing as our first conversation.  Over a short period of time, I grew to discover that Alison is just simply a great person to love.  She is selfless, witty and rooted in family tradition.  Her love for people and concern for others' well-being is limitless.  I know Alison is going to be such a great mom who will nurture our children and love all of us unconditionally.

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