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Our life is filled with the simple yet vital things... laughter, love and a strong sense of support. We have created a happy and secure home in which honesty and open communication are greatly valued. The best quality about our relationship is the amount of laughter we share which makes for an easy, loving and secure environment to help us through all of life's ups and downs.

We met in a café several years ago and have never questioned our fate to be together. We are best friends and love being married... now, we will find such happiness in having a family! We place great importance on education, growth and openness to all of life's wonders.

We live in a very quiet part of the city where we are finishing the renovation of our new home. For us, this renovation project gives us plenty of room to grow and expand our family. Our best friends live in the flat upstairs and we are lucky to have family and close friends throughout the city and surrounding areas. It is fun to live by several parks and we look so forward to the day when our children will join the laughter and activity of the playgrounds.

We are a young and active couple who love to ski, golf and gather with friends. Our free time is often spent traveling to Colorado where we visit with family, see football games and go on adventures with our long time friends.

Weekends most often include:  outings with family and friends in the Bay Area, quietly exploring San Francisco, Church on Sunday evenings and/or just spending quiet time at home cooking, reading or playing games.

Contact Alison and Bruce or Our Adoption Attorney, Susan Romer about Open Adoption