Who is MJ Slim Hooey and other questions I wish I had the answer to

Here are a few questions which Google searchers recently sent my website’s way, thinking the answer lied within. Sadly, I couldn’t help them.

  1. who is mj slim hooey?
  2. a man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of drink. the bargirl pulls out a gun and shoots him to death. why?
  3. has anyone ever touched a blue whale?
  4. how do blue whales protect themselves?
  5. how much money do i need to live in greece for a year?
  6. how much money do they make a year in paraguay?
  7. how orca came to the world?
  8. how to become immortal in viking?
  9. how to live in greece with no money?
  10. how to make a viking costume out of cardboard?
  11. how to say a lovely grace at dinner?
  12. what does it mean when someone british calls you lovely?
  13. what does it mean with greeks throw napkins at you?
  14. what kind of work did greeks do when they came to america?
  15. what kinds of national pride marks are there in paraguay?
  16. what song do they play at opa when they throw the napkins?
  17. what tattoos the vikings wore?
  18. what type of stomach ailments can i get in south america?
  19. what were vikings like?personality,clothes?
  20. what would a valkyrie have looked like in the viking times?
  21. what would happen to the blue whales if they disappeared?
  22. what would you smell in ancient greece?
  23. what’s the story where the man carves a long into a orca and floats on it all the way home?
  24. when a unicorn goes around and around in circles it means?
  25. where can i see orcas everyday of my life?
  26. which country do ladies where fruit on their head?
  27. who much money do paraguayans make a year?

It is Pleasant Gehman who got me looking at mine again after posting some funny ones from one of her scary clown blogs. Thanks Pleasant!

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