The Best Live Animal Cams To Watch in the Springtime

There’s always something good to watch in the animal kingdom and with the dollar being what it is nowadays, many of us must spend more time in the armchair than on safari than we would like.

It’s spring. Sap is rising. Animals are having babies and getting frisky with the warmer weather. Here are a few live animal cams that are good to watch during springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

There's usually something good to look at through the lens of the live elephant cam at the San Diego Zoo.

Live Elephant Camera – San Diego Zoo. I like this one because the elephants are in view a lot. Some zoo cameras are a drag because you have to sit there and watch the poor animal pace back and forth like a bored insane thing. But the elephants don’t do that. They just swing their trunks around and eat.

Elephant Seal Camera at Año Nuevo. This is really best during January and February when the male elephant seals are duking it out who gets to be the alpha and the girls are having babies, while the betas are sneaking off and getting action with the ladies. In March and April, it’s all about the woman seals. But they’re so big! And it’s always a treat to visit California.

Molly the Owl Sitting on Her Little Baby Owlet

Molly the Owl – The Owl Box. She eats mice and right now her babies are hatching. So cool. And the chat by all the watchers is kind of sweet too. They’re all friends now that they’ve bonded over watching Molly have babies and eat mice.

Live Whale Watching TV – Out of Orange County, California. Whales?!? I love whales! Bad resolution but fun to hear audience reactions when whales breach.

Prairie Dog Cam.  The weather is getting warmer and the prairie dogs are starting to come out. Watch them on the Sevilleta Prairie Dog Cam at

Buenaventura Hummingbird Cam in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest. I got to see coatis raiding the hummingbird feeder here. If it’s daylight, you’ll see hummingbirds. I’ve seen up to 50 at a time at this feeder. Funny how anything in an exceptional number can start to seem kind of gross, eh? You might even see a toucan. Try visiting during sunset (6-7 PM to hear the jungle at sunset, one of my favorite sounds on earth.)

Southern Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil’s Parana State. Here’s a very high resolution jungle cam in Brazil where you can see many species of birds.

Hear Whale Songs Live. Listen to Humpback Whales Live from the Big Island.

Of course, there’s a ton more, but there’s a few to get you started. Enjoy!

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