2013Thank you, 2013. You were the year that laid the golden egg and allowed me to begin the work of combining my great loves and passions into the most powerful and exciting projects I have worked on in my life.

I am living in alignment with my life’s mission now, which is to bring wonder and joy into the world and support and inspire others to live in alignment with their heart’s true calling.

My most used words in my Facebook word cloud this year were whales and thank you.

Facebook is right. Whales are my inspiration and gratitude is the vehicle which allows me to serve them.

I am grateful for my mastermind group, present and past, my inner circle of schemers who know and hold the space and intention for me to stay in a place of abundance and flow.

I am grateful for all of my spiritual teachers – yoga, meditation, energetic, healer friends, who also keep me in a receptive state, where the best things come into being with such ease and grace. And I am grateful for my meditation and yoga practices, along with morning coffee and bedtime reading rituals – I am what I am and do what I do because I have these anchors and supports in place.

I am grateful for my fast, creative mind, resilient, resourceful spirit, and strong, healthy body.

I am grateful for my clients who entrust me with their businesses, the result of their life energy. It is a pleasure and honor to work with you and I would not be able to live in the comfortable house with the abundance that I do without your business and support. I love helping you grow and thrive every day.

I am grateful for my programmers, designers and contractors, who keep the pig afloat with a smile and make me look good even when I am twitchy with stress and underwater.

I am grateful for my family who know me best and love me anyway.

I am grateful for the hundreds of people who were lit up by my whale project and came on board as financial supporters as well as offering up their time, gifts and talents to bring it into being because they believe in the project and that I am the person to do it.

I am grateful for my editors, who give me the chance to become a better writer by hiring me, make me improve and allow me to get paid to play, explore and share adventures with the world.

I am grateful for my dog, my sweet little stress sponge who drags me out somewhere beautiful each day – the woods, the river, the park – to stand under trees, in the sand, in the grass and share a blissful moment in the present with her.

I am grateful for my fun, inspiring, creative, smart community of friends. I must be doing something right to be surrounded by these amazing people.

I am grateful for my ever changing inner circle of wise women, who listen like hell and keep me righteous, honest and lit up.

I am grateful for whales, the ocean, nature, and whatever or whoever was clever enough to come up with this stunning symphony of life.

And most of all, I am grateful for my husband, Joseph, who is my platform, my launch pad, the one who hears and holds it all. He is my Atlas and without his steadfast support, I would just be tumbling through space.

This how I see 2014:

2014 is about exhaling, inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, and also making it all happen, moving it all along, holding the space for my manifestations to shift into a solid reality which is successful and pleasing beyond anyone’s wildest imagine. It will be full of abundant surprises, laughter, continued good health, fabulous friendships and solid nourishing family connections. 2014 I continue to slough off anything that is not authentic, juicy, heartfelt, for the greatest good and navigate toward the people places and things that make my heart sing but with even greater trust in this universe that it really does have my best interest in mind. The energy spent to create the massive heap of projects I began and accomplished in 2013 will transform into greater opportunities, leadership roles, financial achievements, new and deeper partnerships and exciting creative invitations. Lots of animals, lots of travel, lots of love, lots of laughter, lots of fun. Bring it on!

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