2014 Will Be The Year of the Whale in Barra de Potosi

Whales of Potosi Research ProjectI’ve been throwing all of my skills into one big pot to make this next project happen –

In January 2014, I’m going to launch a baseline study of the humpback whale population in my beloved Bahia de Potosi and bring down a number of scientist/educator heroes to help make the study good and tight and to educate and inspire locals and visitors alike about the whales that spend their winter in this area each year.

Here’s the website I built about it:


Now I just need $12,000 more dollars to make it happen. It’s not a lot, really. And it will do A LOT for the natural area, the whales, the people (visitors, locals, business owners, EVERYONE!).

I’m looking for people to become whale patrons and whale ambassadors to the project right now, to give as a group or individuals in increments of $1500 and $5000. These early project supporters will get all sorts of perks – special on-water events with really cool scientists, invitations to exclusive workshops and events, the privilege of adopting and even naming a whale, opportunities to do all the fun things that marine biologists do and of course, early supporters will have the satisfaction of supporting this project and will be recognized as friends of the project on the website.

Check out the website and contact me to get involved!


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