Gratitude Attitude

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am feeling flooded with gratitude for all of the love in my love and nostalgia for the times when I didn’t know how much love I had.

Nothing gives me the ‘not enough’s’ quite like Facebook, so I tend to avoid posting pictures of the embarrassment of riches that my life holds when it comes to love, travel and rich sensory experiences. But every day, again and again, my only prayer is ‘Thank You.’

How to bring abundance into your life and how to get out of a ‘more more more’ frame of mind?

As a life coach and on a personal level, I find gratitude lists to be one of the quickest and most effective ways to shift my perspective and keep the goodness coming.

Here’s today’s quick list in five blurry snapshots:


I am grateful for Cholula the Wonderdog and our morning power snuggle sessions on the couch.


I am grateful for books – the inspiration and the worlds that they show me. Almost everything I have ever done started in some way from something I read in a book. And now I get to write them, too.

I am grateful for my husband, Joseph, for all that he is and does to see me, love me and support me, impossible me, in pulling off the impossible things that I pull off.

I am grateful for my consistent daily meditation practice, the people and books who taught me how and all of the meditators around the world who know the most elegant way to be in this world is to breathe your way through it.

I am grateful for my work. Every day, I get to fulfill my mission in life, which is to learn, grow and inspire people to live their lives fully and bring beauty into this world. As a writer, not only do I get to lead by example in doing what I love, but I also get the opportunity to share stories about places and people who are living their truths with great integrity. As a web person and search engine optimization and online marketing specialist, I get to help people grow their businesses, be seen and achieve abundance. As a life coach, I get to guide and support people toward living their best lives. As a sculptor, I get to bring beauty into the world, tap the power of creation, and share my vision with others in a very pure way. And as a professional viking, I get to be loud, obnoxious, and fully self-expressed.

If you’re down in the dumps or feel the ‘not enough’s’ creeping up on you, I challenge you to try writing a daily gratitude list – set down 5 things a day, for a week, that you are grateful for. See if you don’t find yourself in a genuine space of joyful gratitude and peace for your deeply abundant life. It’s the best proof that you live in a world that wants to support you I know. Then let me know how it goes!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Kat

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  1. Yannis says:

    great article Katerina!
    I like your list and your perspective!

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