Dangerous New BunnyHole In Google Images

Ruh Roh. I fell down a bunnyhole this morning and I can’t get out.

Here’s what I did.

I went to Google Images


and clicked on the little camera icon

It invited me to search for things by image instead of word.

And so I uploaded a picture of my old orange 1969 F100 and got these results:

Well yes! My truck IS like a big brown horse and a train and a bulldozer. How clever is Google?!

So then I tried uploading some flamingos flying over a lagoon and got this:

Okay. I was hoping for a lagoon flying over a flamingo, but I love the butterfly swimmer analogy!

I wanted to see what it would do with a person, so uploaded a picture of my dad.

NEAT! I, too, think my dad is similar to red race cars, machines with red in them, and there’s that train theme again! He also likes water, sailboats, trains and machines. Good job, Google Images!

So then I uploaded the headshot I use for my author bios the most. It’s also the picture I used when I was trolling for a boyfriend on Craigslist and got Joseph. That clever clever Google KNEW that picture and matched it to five other times it has been on the web.

Fine. But below that, Google also found me similar to these people:

Mostly Asian men, a few Asian babies, a short haired professional type and a saucy girl doing the flattering bird’s eye view camera shot. I didn’t like that result. And so I went back to work.

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  1. Khamoor says:

    You are super cool.

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