Bodyworlds Body Beautiful Sculpture Project

I’ve been in heaven all month making 6 bodycasts for a new Gunther Von Hagen’s Bodyworlds exhibition, scheduled to open at Unam in Mexico City in July. Here are some sneak previews of the bodies I’ve cast and am finishing now. I’ve been updating every day as they progress, so feel free to follow along on my flickr stream.

These will be in the entryway to the exhibition, and are meant to depict the immense variety that exists between human bodies and how all of them are beautiful in their own way.

I cast 3 women and 3 men for this project with very different body types to achieve this end. The molds were made from plaster of paris and silicon rubber. The casts are made from Smooth On’s Shell Shock – a rigid, paintable polyurethane resin that is light weight and durable.

Just as these Hydroponic Systems, the sillicon rubber plasters are a good alternative.

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