How to Look Thin and Beautiful in Your Profile Pictures

As the owner of a muffin top and a chin that needs management when a camera is around, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips on how to look thin and beautiful in your Facebook profile pictures.

1.) Bird’s eye view aka the God View.

If you want to feel good about yourself, next time you’re in an elevator with mirrors on the ceiling, look up! See? Instant image boost!

Bird's Eye View for Flattering Pictures

This angle works extra well with suggestion of cleavage and casual or surprised facial expressions.

2.) Baby blocking. Use a baby (dogs work, too) to block out most of your body. Not only does this hide parts of yourself you may not feel so good about, it tells the world that you are too busy focusing on another being to worry about such superficial things as keeping your rack perky and bum tight. dogblocking

Note: If you don’t have access to a baby or a dog, you can always use a glass of wine.

Or a cake.

3. Use framing to carefully accentuate your best features and draw attention away from those you feel less positive about.

using framing for flattering photos

3.) Contrast helps! Also, do purse your lips. It makes it look like you have cheek bones and reminds you to stick your chin out.

5.) Remember, lift that neck UP and OUT! No timid turtles around here!

chin up!

6.) Focus on your best feature. Like your eye. Or maybe your ear.

4.) If all else fails, you can always steal a picture of a Hawaiian sunset from the web. By doing so you are telling your friends, screw you, I am too busy enjoying the beautiful sunset and looking outward to concern myself with petty things such as my many chins.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Any additional tips and suggestions are welcome. Love Kat

3 Responses to “How to Look Thin and Beautiful in Your Profile Pictures”

  1. Eve Audley says:

    Always have a good friend there to reassure you that you’re just unphotogenic and really hot in real life.

  2. Love this! Rules I try to follow poignantly captured by a most BEAUTIFUL HOT lady!!

  3. barbara smetana says:

    Adorable —- thank heavens I have 2 cats…buzby and minou ….they are VERY photogenic no wine glass needed…Happy 1st … barbara and julian

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