YouTube Sensation

I’m getting kind of famous on YouTube,¬†you know. I poured my heart and soul into the viking thing, and I do enjoy the perks of being the viking spokesperson for Granlibakken. I get treated like viking royalty whenever I go there and I get to stay there for free. It is a lovely resort and I am so lucky to get to spend time there. I got a good story out of it which got published in an anthology so riddled with typos that I’m embarrassed to even give a copy to my mom, but hey, it’s still a publishing credit. Most importantly, I made a kind of peace with my fundamentally Viking size, shape and temperament – not always the easiest thing for a woman to do in this Tinkerbell loving world. Did you see that super rad American Apparel apparel plus sized model thing develop? So so good.

I plugged Google Ads into my Baby Elephant Takes a Bath video after National Geographic Wild and Web Soup picked it up for one of their shows and now I’m making, like, 50 cents a day on it.

If this kind of action keeps up, shooting that little video will have paid for my plane ticket to Thailand in just five years!

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