Ass-kicking Alaskan Fisherwomen To Tell Scaly Tales of Shame

Wait til you see the cover of the zine itself!

Wait til you see the cover of the zine itself!

On Wednesday, June 23 Moe Bowstern will be hosting the official zine release party for Xtra Tuf #6, The Greenhorn Issue. It’s a beautifully put together thoroughly entertaining zine and I’m very proud to be in it.

If you’ve already heard my story of being a greenhorn commercial fisherwoman in Alaska, dontchu worry – I’m cooking up a freshy just for you. And if you’ve never heard the greenhorn fishing story, or just enjoy hearing about other people’s uncomfortable, painful, embarrassing moments that may or may not ultimately turn out okay, well, this EVENT is custom made for you. Oh yes, and Moe is one of the most entertaining storytellers I’ve ever met.

Below is Moe’s announcement. I hope you can make it! Katherina

Tales Of A Greenhorn! 8pm!
at Albina Green Park, 722 N Sumner Street (on Albina, between Alberta and Killingsworth Streets)

Greenhorn fishing stories from Seasoned Lady Salts! Moe Bowstern, Lara Lee  Messersmith-Glavin! Kat Audley! Blessings from the Mother of a Lady Deckhand! Vanessa Renwick reads the Greenhorn Story Moe Bowstern was too chickenshit to publish! And an exciting guest appearance from local literary luminary Dexter Flowers! Plus a Greenhorn Open mike (open to all occupations, on the subject of Greenhorns)! Snacks!


and PRIZES to any and all who wear a tail.

See you there!


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