Question of the Day

This is my question of the day – every once in a while I’ll be writing or working on an art project and get into a groove where I write something that is suddenly good. And immediately after recognizing that the paragraph I just wrote was good, this little voice in my head pipes up. It says things like, “There’s a dirty glass in the sink that needs washing. Right now. You do have an ant problem, you know.” Or, “Time to sweep the floor!” Or, “HUNGRY.” and so I am often lured away from the computer.

Same voice speaks up when it comes to losing weight. I gained a bunch of weight after eating my way through Argentina, Brazil and Italy all winter and now, in an effort to fit back into my jeans again, I am abstaining from alcohol, sugar, and most carbs (except fruits, vegetables, yogurt, etc.) So, I’ll have this great workout and eat really well, and be driving in my car, thinking about how good and clean my body feels, and if I keep this up, I’ll lose my muffin top in no time, and that little voice interjects, “MCDONALD’S FRENCH FRIES ARE TASTY!” I don’t even like McDonald’s. They kill rain forests and their food is full of chemicals and I feel like crap after I eat a meal there and then am immediately hungry an hour or two later, even though their meals are about 2000 calories each. I eat there about once every 2-3 years.

So WTF, little voice? Who is that guy and what is he doing in my head? Does he have a purpose besides sabotaging everything good? Why is he there? I don’t have answers to these questions, but maybe you do.

Thanks. Love Kat

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