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Thank you, 2013. You were the year that laid the golden egg and allowed me to begin the work of combining my great loves and passions into the most powerful and exciting projects I have worked on in my life. I am living in alignment with my life's mission now, which is to bring wonder and joy into the world and support and inspire others to

Viking Attack on The Exploratorium. Video to Follow. »

Viking Attack on The Exploratorium. Video to Follow.

I got to combine many of my very favorite skills into one spectacular experience last week in one of the greatest places on earth - The Exploratorium. I worked with Carlson Knives at the Exploratorium from 1997 - 2003, first as an exhibit support tech until I accidentally electrocuted a frog in the Frogs Exhibit, then was banished to accounting

Fishingless Fishing Story + News »

Fishingless Fishing Story + News

I was riding downtown on Willamette Avenue when I first spied her. She was the marine equivalent of the pumpkin orange 1969 F100 I spent three years wrenching on and pouring gas into. I knew better. She was a fiberglass encased heartbreak, but so shapely! Vernal pools thrived  in her fiberglass bottom. Grass sprouted from cracks in her leather

Ass-kicking Alaskan Fisherwomen To Tell Scaly Tales of »

Ass-kicking Alaskan Fisherwomen To Tell Scaly Tales of Shame

Wait til you see the cover of the zine itself! On Wednesday, June 23 Moe Bowstern will be hosting the official zine release party for Xtra Tuf #6, The Greenhorn Issue. It’s a beautifully put together thoroughly entertaining zine and I’m very proud to be in it. If you’ve already heard my story of being a greenhorn commercial

Lawn Ornament Unveiling Report »

Lawn Ornament Unveiling Report

After traveling through Argentina and Brazil, half heartedly searching for a suitable lawn ornament to adorn our new yard, I returned to Portland, took one look at that bare mulch in front of our picture window, so longing for decoration, and got on a plane to Florence, the art capital of the world. I found what I was looking for and was