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Interview with Me »

Interview with Me

I've been pitching and putting myself out there as a writer and sculptor more than usual, which means I've had more stories published this year than ever, but it also means I have been getting rejected enough to bring back the horrible, almost hysterical feeling of attending seventh grade social dances. Here's the math: For every pitch that

How to Look Thin and Beautiful in Your Profile »

How to Look Thin and Beautiful in Your Profile Pictures

As the owner of a muffin top and a chin that needs management when a camera is around, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tips on how to look thin and beautiful in your Facebook profile pictures. 1.) Bird's eye view aka the God View. If you want to feel good about yourself, next time you're in an elevator with mirrors on the ceiling, look

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This is my question of the day - every once in a while I'll be writing or working on an art project and get into a groove where I write something that is suddenly good. And immediately after recognizing that the paragraph I just wrote was good, this little voice in my head pipes up. It says things like, "There's a dirty glass in the sink that