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Review of Oregon Glamping Places »

Review of Oregon Glamping Places

I first learned how to camp on my own the summer that my friend Elizabeth and I decided to camp out illegally on Mount Tamalpais. On our first night on the beach, neither one of us was willing to take responsibility for having sheets in our backpack but I did own up to the watermelon. By the end of the season, we had lightened up considerably; we

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Thank you, 2013. You were the year that laid the golden egg and allowed me to begin the work of combining my great loves and passions into the most powerful and exciting projects I have worked on in my life. I am living in alignment with my life's mission now, which is to bring wonder and joy into the world and support and inspire others to

Gratitude Attitude »

Gratitude Attitude

It's Valentine's Day and I am feeling flooded with gratitude for all of the love in my love and nostalgia for the times when I didn't know how much love I had. Nothing gives me the 'not enough's' quite like Facebook, so I tend to avoid posting pictures of the embarrassment of riches that my life holds when it comes to love, travel and rich

Who is MJ Slim Hooey and other questions I wish I had »

Here are a few questions which Google searchers recently sent my website's way, thinking the answer lied within. Sadly, I couldn't help them. who is mj slim hooey? a man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of drink. the bargirl pulls out a gun and shoots him to death. why? has anyone ever touched a blue whale? how do blue whales