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Review of Oregon Glamping Places »

Review of Oregon Glamping Places

I first learned how to camp on my own the summer that my friend Elizabeth and I decided to camp out illegally on Mount Tamalpais. On our first night on the beach, neither one of us was willing to take responsibility for having sheets in our backpack but I did own up to the watermelon. By the end of the season, we had lightened up considerably; we

2014 Will Be The Year of the Whale in Barra de Potosi »

2014 Will Be The Year of the Whale in Barra de Potosi

I've been throwing all of my skills into one big pot to make this next project happen - In January 2014, I'm going to launch a baseline study of the humpback whale population in my beloved Bahia de Potosi and bring down a number of scientist/educator heroes to help make the study good and tight and to educate and inspire locals and visitors

Cook Like A Viking Contest »

Cook Like A Viking Contest

Viking, the makers of the fancy and wonderful stoves and grills, in conjunction with Whole Foods are having a cook like a viking photo contest. Since it is going to be Joseph's 50th birthday soon and I can not afford to buy him a fancy barbecue, I very much hope to win this contest! Here is where the contest is, in case you want to suss out the

Bodyworlds Body Beautiful Sculpture Project »

Bodyworlds Body Beautiful Sculpture Project

I've been in heaven all month making 6 bodycasts for a new Gunther Von Hagen's Bodyworlds exhibition, scheduled to open at Unam in Mexico City in July. Here are some sneak previews of the bodies I've cast and am finishing now. I've been updating every day as they progress, so feel free to follow along on my flickr stream. These will be in the

Yoga Teacher Aspirations »

Yoga Teacher Aspirations

I started doing yoga in 1998 at the YMCA near the Exploratorium, where I used to work. The Exploratorium is heaven on earth for a busy brain like me, but I found myself so caught up in all of the cool projects going on at the museum that I forgot to breathe. My first yoga teacher was a woman named Patricia. She was probably in her mid-50s. She

YouTube Sensation »

I'm getting kind of famous on YouTube, you know. I poured my heart and soul into the viking thing, and I do enjoy the perks of being the viking spokesperson for Granlibakken. I get treated like viking royalty whenever I go there and I get to stay there for free. It is a lovely resort and I am so lucky to get to spend time there. I got a good

C.S. Lewis and Writer’s Block »

C.S. Lewis and Writer’s Block

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