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Meet Lilia
Lilia was born and raised in Los
Angeles. Her father, who passed away in 2004, was from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and her mother, who lives in Los Angeles County, is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. Lilia grew up with her parents and her older half-brother, who now lives in Colorado. Growing up, Lilia and her mother traveled to Mexico every other summer to visit family. She was involved in sports and studio art throughout her school years. Lilia attended a women’s college in Massachusetts, majoring in History. She later attended law school in New Orleans, Louisiana and currently practices family law with a law firm in downtown Los Angeles.

Lilia enjoys yoga, tennis, and hiking. She also enjoys watching movies, reading, and baking, particularly making cookies with Ava. Lilia loves to sew and is an avid knitter. Being a mother to Ava has brought joy to Lilia’s life and she experiences so much excitement and inspiration when she looks at the world from a child’s perspective.