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Meet Lilia
Family is very important to us. We love to go to the beach, watch Ava’s ballet classes and recitals, shop at farmers’ markets, visit Lilia’s mother, run through the parks and playgrounds, and occasionally explore the local cafes and restaurants. We like to visit friends throughout the state on weekends. Many of our friends have very young children. We often organize “play dates” for Ava and her friends on the weekends.

We’ve traveled to Wisconsin and Puerto Rico to visit our family. We’re all learning French, and are brushing up on our Spanish. And, of course, we practice our hula hooping in the back yard.

We would like more children because of our own experiences. Lilia has a half-brother who is significantly older than she is, so her upbringing was that of an only child. Having that experience, Lilia would like to have a family with many children. David grew up with brothers (one of whom adopted a daughter), and sisters, and dozens of cousins, and would appreciate having more children in the family. All of our family members and close friends support our plans to expand our family through adoption and are eager to help.

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