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Meet Elisabeth

Kim is quick to laugh, a little silly and loves playing games and doing puzzles—she is definitely a kid at heart. She is also a huge baseball fan and roots for both the Giants and the A’s. She can’t wait to take her child to his or her first baseball game. Kim is a “dog person” and rescued the family dog, Josie, from the local animal shelter. Exploring local trails with Josie and getting in some bird watching is something she enjoys on a Sunday afternoon. Kim loves to cook and often can be found grilling chicken or making a big pot of marinara sauce (her grandmother’s recipe).

Kim was born in a small town in Idaho and moved to the Bay Area when she was nine. Her parents have retired and live just a few hours away near the Sierra Mountains. Kim is an only child but is part of a large extended family including 34 first cousins. She also has many long-time friends that she considers family too. One of Kim’s friends from high school and her husband gave us the honor of being godparents to their daughters.

Kim works as an attorney in San Francisco. She is also involved in non-profit organizations that provide free legal services to people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

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