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CampingKim and Elisabethin France and Canada
Meet Elisabeth

Our New Year’s resolution is to try something new each month. We love learning new things about ourselves, each other and our world. We have taken Thai cooking lessons, attended a Japanese drumming recital, and visited a planetarium. Last spring, we milked goats and learned to make cheese with our friends and their kids. Elisabeth has taken Kim canoeing 3 times and Kim has only tipped the canoe twice.

Each year we go camping or take a trip. We love spending weekends at the beach or in the mountains with our friends and family and their kids. On a road trip to the Oregon coast and Washington wine country, we played in creeks and spent time with Kim’s cousin and friends. We have seen eagles in Canada, roamed the countryside of France, and visited friends and their families on the East Coast. Our hope is to share these adventures and experience many more with a child.

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